clientuploads/_photos/CFCC/Header_for_Program_Description_FunFit_Jr_1.jpgFunFit Gymn Jr.
Join us on a journey where children learn to move skillfully in a safe, progressive and fun environment. Watch as your toddler develops physically and socially - mastering fundamental motor skills while learning to share, cooperate and take turns. Our program provides an optimum setting where children learn more about themselves and their environment through purposeful play. Share the excitement as your child's competence and confidence grow.  At CFCC, children choose to be active - let’s lay the foundation for lifelong physical activity together.

Age: 18 - 30 months. Parental involvement is mandatory.    

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clientuploads/_photos/CFCC/Header_for_Program_Description_FunFit_1.jpgFunFit Gymn
This exciting program for 2.5-5 year-olds encourages young minds and adventurous spirits to explore and learn in a progressive, safe and fun setting.   Our bright facilities, new gymnastics equipment, and trained staff provide a sensory-stimulating environment designed to develop your child's "I CAN" attitude, along with their physical and emotional health.   A variety of classes are offered throughout the week with low student-to-instructor ratios ensuring optimum attention and learning.

Children are placed in age-and development-appropriate groups. We typically group children 2.5-3 years of age, 3-4 years of age, and 4-5 years of age.

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clientuploads/_photos/CFCC/Header_for_Program_Description_Developmental_Gymnastics.jpgDevelopmental Gymnastics
Our Developmental Gymnastics program is designed to maximize children’s health- and skill-related fitness through gymnastics. Working out isn’t supposed to be this much fun! Children learn to master fundamental gymnastics skills, and by doing so develop a strong sense of self-esteem as they progress to more advanced elements. Successes are shared and celebrated by colleagues and instructors alike, and confidence radiates as children develop a “can do” attitude. We strongly believe that this positive mind-set, along with their improved fitness, will translate into your child’s success at school, among friends, and in the home.

Students enrolled in our Developmental Gymnastics program will be subdivided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced groups based on age and skill level.   The groupings will be at the discretion of the coaching team.   This will ensure that all students are placed in groups which will allow for an optimal training environment. 

Children who show a keen interest and aptitude towards artistic gymnastics may be invited to join our Junior Advanced program (Ages 5-8).   This program is designed to set the foundation for advanced artistic gymnastics.    Children are recommended to attend at least two times per week.

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High Performance
Many of our advanced students seek an outlet to showcase their skills in a non-competitive venue.   We have created a High Performance team where students can participate in 2-3 intra-club events throughout the year.    Our intent is to instil a growth mindset in our team, and reap the benefits of a competition-type experience.    For more information on our High Performance team, or to find out if your child is a suitable candidate, please contact our Program Director at 
416-628-8097.   Students enrolled in our High Performance program must train a minimum of two (2) times per week.

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Flip, Tumble, and Cheer!
Flip, Tumble, and Cheer program is designed to teach children how to tumble masterfully!   Children will be taught how to tumble from the ground up.   Students develop a strong repertoire of tumbling skills as they practice on mini-trampolines, our 40' tumbling trampoline, spring floors, and an array of other developmental equipment.    This is the perfect class for acro dancers, cheerleaders, gymnasts, and children who simply want to Flip, Tumble, and Cheer!

PREREQUISITE: Students enrolling in the Flip, Tumble, and Cheer! program should be able to perform a cartwheel on their own. If your child is unable to perform a cartwheel, we strongly suggest enrolling in our Developmental Gymnastics program.

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Teen Gymn
Our Teen Gymn program is the perfect class for those students who "outgrow" our Developmental Gymnastics programs.     Suitable for boys and girls 12 years of age and above.   This is an ideal program for youth who wish to learn new gymnastics skills, enhance their physical fitness, and spend time with their peers.    Our students love it!

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clientuploads/_photos/CFCC/Header_for_Program_Description_Athletic_Development.jpgAthletic Development
This one-of-a-kind program is designed for children and adolescents in need of pure fitness training. We offer a high power hour to s-t-r-e-t-c-h, strengthen, and stabilize the body! It’s tough, but we love it!  This program is an excellent adjunct for those involved in organized sport, allowing the young athlete to enhance their physical condition and sport-specific performance.

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